Do You Still Trust Jaclyn Hill?

 Jaclyn Hill

If you’re a makeup consumer that’s been thinking of buying a new lipstick shade as of late, you may have come across some dire warnings recently about Jaclyn Hill and the launch of her new cosmetics brand. People from all over who have purchased the lipsticks have not been shy about posting about the horrific things they encountered when they opened their packages. The many reports having included people noticing that they melt before you can even apply them, that they’re expired, that animal hair has been found in the components, strange wet marks, strange scents, and even that the lipsticks have mold on them. Yikes!

Obviously, a lot of customers who have purchased the lipsticks have been outraged by all these discoveries, but what has upset people more still was Jaclyn’s initial and apparent silence on the issue. This changed recently with a YouTube upload from Jaclyn Hill herself, where she explains what people are actually seeing and experiencing with the lipsticks. You can hear her explanations below:


On one hand, some may say that it sounds like Jaclyn Hill got screwed over by the lab she had been working with, and thus has become somewhat of a victim of not everyone doing their fair share. On the other hand, there are still many people (including people with knowledge of makeup manufacturing) who are saying that her explanations aren’t adding up, and that even her descriptions of how her makeup should have been produced don’t coincide with normal manufacturing procedures.

In fact, in the next video, we hear from an actual biochemist with knowledge of makeup production procedures, and in it she discusses her own finds with the lipsticks, as well as her thoughts on Jaclyn’s explanations:


With everything that’s going on and everyone putting their two cents in, it’s hard to know what side anybody even should stand on. What are your thoughts? Do you still trust in Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics? Are you willing to give the brand another chance and opportunity to make things right? Comment below.


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