In Love With H.E.R.

By a show of hands, who else is just as captivated by H.E.R. as I am? (Like I can see your hands raised over the net, lol). But you get my point. The bottom line is, recording artist H.E.R. is something superbly special, especially in the midst of a music industry that unfortunately seems to prize mindless noise passed off as "music," instead of actual TALENT. 
With exquisite compositions like "21" "Losing" and many others, H.E.R. is a much needed exception to the talent less wack ranks that are polluting the radio these days. Someone even went so far to say that she reminded them of Lauryn Hill, or at least something similar to that effect. I DEFINITELY would love to see and hear a H.E.R. and Hill collab! O.M.G. I would DIE.

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