Nicki Minaj Is....Retiring!?

In a recent Tweet put out by the rap superstar Nicki Minaj, she says that she is "retiring" in order to "have [her] family." As you can imagine, this out-of-freakin-nowhere announcement has had everyone's heads rolling. The people that seem to be gagging and choking the most though are her fans, who are obviously upset over the Tweet.
To a lot of people, this news doesn't add up at all, considering how it's known that Nicki has been working on a new album, and has studio time still booked well into the near future. Many people think that the tweet is not a literal statement, but just rather her reacting to all of the trolls that have been harassing her about this, that, and the other.
Nonetheless, seeing as how the statement has been an upset to her fans, she released another Tweet stating her apologies for the announcement, saying that it was "abrupt" and "insensitive." She has plans to discuss the announcement further to give clarification in an upcoming interview on Queen Radio.

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