Rihanna Named Richest Female Musician By Forbes

 Rihanna, Fenty, Fenty Beauty, Savage X

International music super star Rihanna has wowed the world yet again with the launch of her new accessories line, simply called Fenty, as well as the launch of her lingerie line Savage X. To add to the fantastic fanfare, Forbes has even taken notice this time, as they have announced that Rihanna, thanks to Fenty, is now the highest paid female musician. In fact, it’s reported that since the launch of Fenty Beauty in 2017, the brand has racked in an astounding 570 million in sales, and is reportedly worth 3 billion! It’s also been estimated that Rihanna’s personal net worth now is at a staggering 600 million!

Other celebrities who have ventured into the beauty and fashion world can definitely learn a thing or two from Rihanna, because there is a reason why Fenty is soaring while other brands are doing so-so. One of the things that make Fenty, Fenty Beauty, and Savage Fenty all stand out is that they are definitely not brands that Rihanna has just simply put her name on, leaving that at that. Every product is infused with Rihanna’s personality and values, and the singer makes it a point to really connect with her fans in meaningful ways. Examples of this connection are in how she interacts on social media, as well as the point she makes of inclusivity with her products, in particular her make up items, which feature shades from very deep to very fair.

The beautiful thing is that the Fenty family doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon, and though many fans have been anxious to know when her next record will be released (her last album Anti came out in 2016), we at Onyx Kiss certainly don’t blame her for taking her time to get back to the studio. It has been reported, however, that she has recently secluded herself on a private island near London to record her next album, so stay tuned.

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