The Benefits of Moonstone


Moonstone is a gem that has an illustrious and mysterious history. Many different cultures from around the world have recognized the gem as one that fosters the feminine energies of healing, emotional balance, peace, and love.

The moonstone is associated with the moon, and is also the birthstone of everyone born in June. It’s common to find the gem in a transparent or opaque color, but they can also be found in other variations like blue moonstone, peach, pink, and rainbow.

Moonstone has been reported to have a variety of healing properties. One such example is the observation of it curing nosebleeds. It’s also said that if you have insomnia, keeping a moonstone underneath your pillow will help to regulate your sleep cycle, thus ensuring effective sleep and allowing you to be more energized throughout the day.

Moonstone has been noted to ease pain during childbirth and menstruation. Known as a stone of the feminine, it can help with hormonal imbalances, and get people back in touch with the intuitive, nurturing, and compassionate parts of themselves. Keep in mind though that all these qualities are in both females and males, so the moonstone isn’t strictly “women’s stone.”

I encourage you to experiment with moonstone and see the beautiful energies it can bring into your life.

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