Why Eye Wear Is So Important Against UV Rays

A girl protecting her eyes against UV rays with sunglasses

The sun can be one of our best friends ever, as it provides us with heat, energy, and even helps us to grow food. With all of these benefits though, we still need to be careful with a particular thing called UV rays, because if we’re not, UV rays can wreak havoc on the precious commodities of our skin and eyes. Just in case you aren’t aware, UV (ultraviolet radiation) rays are the energy beams that are given off by the sun every single day. The reason that we all should be mindful of these rays is that without proper protection, they can cause sun burn, skin cancer, prematurely age our skin, and damage our eyes.

Animation of the sun giving off UV rays in the form of a fist punch.

Luckily, there’s plenty of ways in which we can still enjoy the sun without tearing apart our skin and eyes. One simple method that we all know (or at least, that everyone SHOULD know) is to simply use sunscreen. Just hop on over to your local CVS and go to town with the many selections available. You can grab formulas from SPF15, all the way up to SPF 100 if you like. Also be sure to wear sunglasses that protect against UV rays in order to prevent eye damage, as well as to prevent wrinkles around the eyes.

Sunglasses resting in the sand on the beach

If you’re serious about your skin (because why wouldn’t you be?) then you definitely don’t want to play around with ultraviolet rays.  But there’s no need to panic about it. As long as you’re mindful, then we can all continue to enjoy the beautiful star that is our sun.


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